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priestly blessing righteous shall flourish
Larry Navon's imaginative
artwork has been
custom-made for our synagogue's events,
as well as for our personal family celebrations.
It is always beautifully executed and creates
a unique piece of art to treasure.
Dr Melissa Lane

fruitful menorah invite Daniel W invite back
Larry has exceptional skills
in both photography
and graphics and therefore is able to combine your ideas
with his and translate this into lovely, artistic invitations.
This ability combined with his patience made me feel that
it didn’t matter how many times I changed my mind!
Working with Larry was a real pleasure.

Leslie Berger

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Cymbal Graphics provides creative
and thoughtful designs.
Larry Navon reflects profoundly on the client's brief
and comes up with a range of attractive solutions.
I very much enjoyed working with him.

Dr Edward Kessler

standing this day goodly tents baby naming abraham poster
Larry has been executing wonderful graphic designs
for me for several years. My older son's Bar Mitzvah invitation was the first (1999), and since then there has been another great Bar Mitzvah invitation, followed by lots of 'illuminated' acrostic poems for baby blessings (other people's babies!), and some excellent 'admissions' posters and postcards for my Cambridge college. Most recently, Larry designed an absolutely stunning poster for a day conference I helped organise at the Cambridge University Divinity School. It's the only time I recall that a professional graphic designer has been mentioned in the opening 'credits': my co-organiser said 'it would have been worth having this conference for the poster alone!'. There is no doubt that Larry's own immersion in the study of Torah and Jewish life more generally have contributed greatly to his designs in related areas. Perhaps the best of many wonderful aspects of working with Larry is that he is always able to interpret my vision...
Dr Diana Lipton

shehechiyanu cover
Mr. Larry Navon designed and printed
our wedding invitations for our Jewish Wedding. I had expressed a desire to have the She-hecheyanu on the invitation. Larry designed the invitations beautifully, so that the words of the She-hecheyanu formed a Chuppah. We were both delighted and we have an enlarged framed copy of the invitation cover to remind us of a very happy day. We highly recommend Larry, for his talent and his commitment to his work through which he brings joy to others.
Ann and Don Hedworth